The ultimate pamper for Neck and Hands

We are excited to introduce our newest product: the Neck & Handcream!

This product combines caring for the delicate skin of your neck and hands in one powerful formula. It may seem an unusual combination, one product for your neck and hands ? We chose this because there are actually many similarities; The skin of both the neck and hands is often neglected, while being exposed to numerous external influences. Both areas have thin skin with few layers of fat, which requires special attention and loving care.

What makes Neck & Handcream unique?

1. Based on skin-specific lipids: Our formula is infused with the lipid skin barrier's natural lipids. This not only helps to intensely nourish the skin, but also to strengthen the barrier, making your skin more resistant to daily challenges.

2. Strengthens the Skin Barrier: A strong skin barrier is the key to healthy skin. Our Neck & Handcream is designed to strengthen this barrier, improving your skin's defences and resisting external influences.

3. Less Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL): The formula minimises transepidermal water loss, meaning your skin stays better hydrated. No more worries about dry, flaky hands and a neglected neck!

4. Prebiotics for a Balanced Microbiome: Our Neck & Handcream contains prebiotics that balance and strengthen your skin's microbiome. A healthy microbiome contributes to radiant and hydrated skin.

5. Lamellar Structure for Maximum Hydration: The lamellar structure of the cream provides deep hydration, strengthening and protection to your skin. It is like a velvety embrace for your hands and neck.

Powerful ingredients:

- Inulin

- Ceramide 3

- Squalane

- Perfection Peptide P3

- Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid

- CM Glucan

- Vitamin A, E, C

What to expect:

With regular use of our Neck & Handcream, you can enjoy:

- Better hydrated and nourished skin

- Reduction of deep lines and wrinkles

- Resistance to external influences such as weather, scarves and hand soaps

- Less redness, itchiness or blotchiness

Give your hands and neck the attention they deserve with our Neck & Handcream.

Pamper yourself and discover the magic of healthy, radiant skin!

Shop the Neck & Handcream HERE

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