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Sounds like science fiction but My Skincaud is more real than real. Do you take skincare seriously? Is it a dream to be in control of your future skin condition? Then My Skincaud is your beauty partner. Through a DNA test, you'll unravel your beauty code and get the best personalised skin regime available. Curious? Read on quickly.


The DNA test provides personalised skin advice. With the aim of achieving your most beautiful skin. You get a choice of seven specialised serums to use in combination with your favourite and trusted skincare products. So we give you every opportunity to optimise your beauty regime.


The DNA test is of maximum quality and developed in collaboration with Maastricht University So you have the guarantee that the whole process is reliable, and scientifically based. As you can see, we do not rush to offer you the best of the best.


The DNA test is 100% privacy proof. Personal data are not required. The DNA report and skin code are optimally protected and you receive them completely anonymously via a mobile application on your phone. It is important to us that you feel safe with this method of testing.

My Skincaud

My Skincaud is a DNA test through which the laboratory unravels your personal skin code. There are no less than 720 beauty codes and how special is it that you get a skin code that is unique to you? This records which aspects of skin ageing manifest themselves in your future.

With your personal skin code, you have valuable information in your hands that allows you to immediately start working with personalised sera from My Skincaud to ensure your future beauty. Do you also want to slow down disruptive skin ageing processes and achieve a more beautiful skin appearance in the short term? Then My Skincaud is your beauty partner!

Skin care

In addition to personalised cosmetics, My Skincaud can be combined with other skincare products. Pascaud likes to give the right information, and also offers a comprehensive treatment concept that carefully creates skin solutions. Adding lifestyle tips to this completes the picture of 'personalised beauty'.

Mardge Pascaud

"Through DNA analysis, we know which visible effects of skin ageing you are predisposed to. We can then personalise cosmetics."

Mardge Pascaud is founder of Pascaud Beauty Innovations. She specialises in skin and cosmetic chemistry. Together with a scientific team, she develops progressive, effective products and treatment methods for a wide range of skin problems. Pascaud stands out for its innovative and comprehensive vision of beauty symbolised by 'The Beauty Triangle'. Beauty on three levels: inside out beauty, outside in beauty ánd well-being.

My Skincaud DNA kit

Order My Skincaud and receive the DNA test. Take a cheek swab with the cotton swab provided and send it in the specially enclosed envelope. Within a few weeks, you will receive the 100% privacy-proof results with your personal DNA code and customised advice via a special app. Testing once provides insight into your predisposed skin needs. By gaining more insight into the total 'skin disposition' from DNA, it is possible to give preventive and personalised direction to skincare and lifestyle.

My Skincaud is scientifically based

In collaboration with Maastricht University


Which serum suits your skin best?

CODE A SERUM - Anti-wrinkle

When wrinkle formation is a major concern, Retinol and retinyl palmitate are the perfect Vitamin A - cocktail. This combination is the absolute king in tackling wrinkles and lines. Syn-ake® and Argireline® simultaneously relax expression lines for a more rested appearance.


CODE C SERUM - Anti-Inflammatory

When skin is prone to inflammation, irritation and redness. SymCalmin® is a key active ingredient cocktail with anti-irritant properties to reduce redness, inflammation and itching. The serum is additionally enriched with a natural anti-inflammatory from frankincense tree. Serum Code C additionally contains two targeted soothing and healing active ingredients.


CODE G SERUM - Anti-Glycation

Is your skin prone to sagging? Serum Code G tackles the cause of this! Carnosine, as an amino acid with anti-glycation properties, plays an important role in this. The action of this ingredient is enhanced by the addition of grape seed oil with a high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids. To repair age damage that has already occurred, peptide matrixyl 3000® is an important active ingredient complex in this serum.


CODE H SERUM - Hydration

Hydration is essential for any skin. Is this where the problem lies? The best in moisture binding is key here! Hyaluronic acid acts as a very powerful, hydrating ingredient along with Carrageenan from red seaweed with water-binding properties. Polysaccharides with moisturising and moisture-binding properties give this serum maximum hydrating power!


CODE O SERUM - Anti-Oxidant

If your skin often comes into contact with harmful influences that cause oxidation of skin cells, Serum Code O offers the solution. Vitamin E from vegetable oil is a natural antioxidant that fulfils much of the efficacy of this serum. Resveratrol blue grape also contributes thanks to its strong anti-oxidative properties. To make the serum maximally potent, pycnogenol® has also been added. This is an antioxidant from French maritime pine bark.


CODE T SERUM - Equalisation

The perfect serum for skin prone to the development of pigmentary disorders. Vitamin B3 has a proven effect in reducing pigmentation spots and melasma. Research shows that 4% niacinamide works as well as the medicinal hydroquinone cream. The effect is enhanced by the addition of Indian gooseberry; an ingredient with strong lightening properties.


CODE X SERUM - Universal Lifting

This serum visibly tightens the skin instantly. The polymer structure from Easyliance® forms an elastic film on the skin for smoother skin. Serum X is suitable for any skin. With it, you will achieve beautiful skin tightening in a very short time.


DNA collection kit

The code has 720 variants. Your unique code tells you which serums are best to add to your daily skincare routine and how often to use them. MY SKINCAUD can be combined with any other skincare brand.


DNA collection kit + Code X SERUM

The code has 720 variants. Your unique code tells you which serums are best to add to your daily skincare routine and how often to use them. MY SKINCAUD can be combined with any other skincare brand.

The My Skincaud kit contains the DNA test as well as Serum X. This serum is suitable for any skin. It allows you to achieve beautiful skin tone in a very short time.


My Skincaud App


Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Through the specially developed app, you will receive your skin code and advice. This is linked via a barcode. We do not know your name or address details.


The whole process from testing to using products, is contemporary and innovative. Plus there is a growth model in it as you can customise your beauty ritual with an advice package.


After the test, the app gives you the most personalised analysis available because your DNA is unique. With the results, you will work on prevention of various skin characteristics for the rest of your life.

Download the app in the Apple App store or Google Play Store

PUUR Huidinstituut Oosterhout, PUUR Huidinstituut Breda – PrinsenbeekHet Online Huidinstituut |

Edith Naaijkens

With My Skincaud, we literally go one step further because when clients have DNA analysed, a skin code comes out of this and we gain even more insight into the skin and future processes. Together with the client, we then sit down to unravel the skin code, so to speak, and discuss the customised course of treatments and products. Through My Skincaud, the client has an even better picture to work more specifically and effectively on skin improvement. Personally, I find it important to do this whole process together with the client. In other words: teamwork for the skin! What I personally find the most striking result is the use of Serum C. Suitable for skin with inflammation and redness. The results? Amazing!

Salon Intense

Karin Manders

We chose My Skincaud at Intense to really start at the basis. We carry out standard skin analyses and, with the Skincaud DNA test, offer the perfect start to going even deeper into skin improvement. Through the right combination of treatments in the practice and the right home care. Our Skincaud favourite? That is Code A serum because it gives you an even skin tone and the skin looks fresh after use. Nice that My Skincaud really goes into depth and that with the skin code we offer our clients even more input on the composition of the skin.

Discover what your genes have to say and work on your beauty preventively. With My Skincaud and with treatments and products designed for you. Find a My Skincaud institute near you here.

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