Pascaud stands for a personal approach for optimal skin improvement. We take your skin condition to a higher level with powerful, effective techniques and treatment methods. We do this with manual treatments and equipment. Everything starts with a skin analysis with the MAC (Multi Analysis Center) so that we measure and know our joint results.



Vital skin | 45 minutes | for all skin types

Suitable for anyone who needs to revitalize the skin and give it a vital radiance. A retinol ampoule provides immediate tension to the skin and an effective peeling expertly removes dead skin cells. The Pascaud specialist ensures that all processes from cleaning to massages run optimally and that the skin immediately receives a refreshing boost. As the cream of the crop, the Caviar Finish gives an extra energetic look at the end of the treatment.

For home:
Vernix Caseosa
24 Ampoules

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Extra vital skin | 60 minutes | for all skin types

In addition to the steps discussed in Professional Treatment, this intensive treatment includes an extra peeling. The AHA/BHA peeling provides the skin with even more active ingredients and gives an even more energetic appearance.

For home:
24 Hour Cream
Code H Serum
24 Ampoules

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Younger appearance and nourished skin | 60 minutes | for aged, dry and sensitive skin

All steps of the treatment are aimed at optimally nourishing and strengthening the skin. Thanks to special DNA ampoules, pads, a mask and high-quality massages, the skin absorbs the active ingredients immediately. Fine (drought) lines and wrinkles disappear like snow in the sun. This is just the way to instantly achieve a younger look.

For home:
DNA ampoules
Re-Boost serum
DNA cream

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Radiant skin | 75 to 90 minutes | for aging skin

If you are going 100% for anti-aging then this is your treatment. The Passage Massage is leading in this. This connective tissue massage immediately boosts the blood circulation and encourages the skin to act on its own. The skin often shows some redness, but the effect is soon visible. Due to the subsequent massage with a special concentrate, the skin is completely nourished and activated.

For home:
Innovative Serum
Code G Serum

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Even skin | 45 to 60 minutes | for gray or sallow skin or skin with pigmentation spots

Everything is aimed at promoting the circulation of the skin and by means of peelings and brightening products to equalize the skin and to give it a fresh look to give. The AHA peel is applied with a large cotton swab for up to five minutes. A special Marmatrix Activator Lotion then neutralizes the skin and the Passage Massage (connective tissue massage) immediately gives the skin a smoothing effect. The end of the treatment is characterized by special brightening serums.

For home:
AHA ampoules
Code T Serum
Enzyme Peel

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Fresh look | 90 minutes | luxurious treatment for face, neck and hands

After cleansing the skin and massaging in a retinol ampoule, the specialist applies the fruit acid peeling. After neutralization, special Marmagel pads are applied to the skin and massaged in. The active ingredients from these pads nourish the skin deeply. Then the Passage Massage is performed, it gives a beautiful glow to the skin and more firmness. This is followed by a DNA ampoule and a freeze-dried alginate mask for the face and neck. Finally, your hands are cared for with the Hand Treatment. Applying serum, cream and eye product  adapted to your skin type is the end of this extensive treatment in which all the beauty of Pascaud comes together.

For home:
Code G Serum
LIFT facelift cream
Hydrating Mask
Eye Boost Gel
Body Oil

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Peeling | 40 minutes | for dull skin

After cleaning and degreasing the skin, the specialist applies the AHA peeling with a large cotton swab. The peeling works for a few minutes and is then rinsed off with plenty of water. The neutralizing lotion and the special mask provide a calmed skin and by removing the dead skin cells, the skin has a fresh appearance.

For home: < br/>AHA ampoules
Code O Serum

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Extra soft skin | 60 minutes | for sensitive and dry skin 

After an extensive cleaning, the specialist massages in a thin layer of Enzyme Peel, followed by a second layer. After the exposure time, everything is rinsed off and the skin is ready for the massage plus the fleece mask with silicone mask. After 20 minutes, the clean skin receives a gentle yet effective boost with a light massage with the Hydrating Serum.

For home:
Cleansing Balm
Vernix Caseosa< br/>Code C Serum
DNA Ampoules 
Eye Care Cream

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Clean skin | 50 minutes | for impure or oily skin

After a thorough cleaning, the specialist applies the Salicylic Acid Peeling. Then neutralization is on the program and the removal of impurities such as comedones. Ending with a mask and applying a retinol ampoule and day cream.

For home:
Salicylic Exfoliator
Hydrating Emulsion

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Fine skin| 60 minutes | for dull skin and skin with large pores and/or pigmentation spots

Everything is aimed at promoting blood circulation in the skin, clarifying the complexion and equalizing the structure. In short, with this treatment you will quickly have a fresh look again. A fruit acid peeling is followed by massaging in high concentrations of freeze-dried vitamin C. The brightening & refining fleece mask completes this treatment.

For home:
Salicylic Exfoliator
AHA ampoules< br/>UV Defense  
Code T Serum
Code A Serum

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Beaming face | 90 minutes | for a fine skin structure, a fresh and even complexion and to combat inflammation

This is where real innovation comes into play. This treatment is manual, but uses a unique
way of needling. Along with mechanical and chemical peels. The treatment consists of two phases; first an AHA and BHA peeling and then the needling method in which the Synature powder is manually introduced into the skin, the efficacy comes from the hollow spikeneedles of the freshwater sponge.

For home:
Synature home kit (included with treatment)

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Beautiful hands | 30 minutes| for young hands without dryness or pigment spots

This anti-aging treatment for the hands consists of 3 phases. First, a powerful peeling is applied to remove the old skin cells. Then
the hands are wrapped in a glove, packed with nourishing and smoothing ingredients. After the exposure time, these nourishing substances are massaged in and the hands receive a protected UV cream.

For home:
UV Defense
Code T Serum 
Body Oil

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PASCAUD MAC (Multi Analysis Center)

10 minutes | skin measurement

The Pascaud Mac consists of the MacVision and MacSensor. The Vision takes a picture of the face with white light from different angles. Special software displays the status of the skin in fact. The Sensor provides immediate insight into which treatments and products are needed to bring your skin into optimal condition.

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45 to 60 minutes | boost for the skin (cure)

The Pascaud Meso Method is based on the administration of high concentrations of active ingredients by means of micro-injections. The cocktail immediately nourishes the skin and the treatment is virtually painless. The substances are skin-specific and biodegradable; the skin gets a nice glow. Maximum result in a cure.

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60 minutes | boost for the skin (cure)

Give each product the absorption it deserves.

The Meso Infinity device offers a safe and proven solution for the application of the skin of working materials. Two technologies work together to increase skin permeability. The transdermal effect is caused by:
1. Powerful electroporation
2. Meso-chip

Multi-purpose for face (various anti-aging), body and scalp (hair growth stimulation).

Responsible and legal to use by skin therapist or beautician.

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40 minutes | for firm skin

The Pascaud Wave is a device with radio frequency technology and very suitable for treating sagging skin, wrinkles, acne or scars. The energy of the device is converted into a mild heat in the skin and thus initiates the necessary skin processes. The radio frequency causes collagen and fibers to contract and that immediately gives a lifting effect. Maximum result in a cure.

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20-60 minutes | tighter contours, less fat deposits (cure)

A device to get more beautiful body and facial contours without surgical intervention. We also use this equipment to stimulate the fat breakdown process and thus lose centimeters in size. Even wrinkles, acne and scars are addressed. The power? Four techniques (soft laser, LED, radio frequency and vacuum) work simultaneously. Best result in a cure.

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20-40 minutes| natural wrinkle reduction

The Pascaud Bio Skin Jetting® & Bio Skin Smoothing method is a 100% safe and organic way to reduce wrinkles and tackle broken veins or disturbing scars. The area to be treated is smoothed by means of high frequency and then the wrinkle or scar of the lower skin layer is 'loosened' with a fine needle. The skin reacts to this with the production of new collagen and a natural filling is created from within. Best result in a cure.

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10-40 minutes| radiant and firmer skin

The Pascaudlite Led is a light therapy that gives your skin energy and makes it shine. The device uses different light sources that stimulate the skin functions (red light), soothe (blue or green light), repair cells (infrared) and thus ensure a visibly finer and firmer skin.

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10-40 minutes | reduces puffiness and sagging skin

The PascaudLite Laser reduces puffiness or sagging skin in a relaxed and painless way. This non-invasive laser technique with a specific wavelength is also known as cold laser. This makes the treatment painless, safe and relaxing. So without surgery an improved tissue tension, better functioning cells, tightening of the eye contour and strengthening of collagen production? Then this is for you. Best result in a cure.

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