Pascaud Foundation

De Pascaud Foundation is een NGO die mensen met uiterlijke verminkingen helpt in ontwikkelingslanden

Founder of the Pascaud Foundation is Mardge Pascaud. With the Pascaud brand, she offers you all kinds of options to look your best in a natural way. After Mardge came into contact with women, men and children with congenital or acquired mutilations, as a result of which they can often no longer lead a dignified existence, she decided to set up the Pascaud Foundation in 2009. The Pascaud Foundation is an idealistic foundation that helps people. We do this to both strengthen people's self-esteem through appearance, but also to make them function better physically. We help through the efforts of our volunteers and our resources.

Make me smile again - project

The foundation wants to generate resources with your help to achieve its goals. With the 'Make me smile again' project we supported children with split lip and burns in Africa.


With our 'Cook stoves' project in Lesotho, we donated cooking pots powered by solar energy. Cooking becomes safer and moreover, this is a direct prevention against burns in small children.


During a mission of the Flying Doctors, we land a small plane near a distant medical center where patients are treated for cleft lip, club feet and burns. In addition, local doctors are trained so that assistance does not stop after departure and can continue.


When we sell various Pascaud products, we contribute to the foundation. We call this 'sharing beauty'. But you can also make a donation to give another person a future!

Give a child a future!

Pascaud Foundation
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