Today more than ever, we are focused on the needs of our facial skin. Many people have bathroom cabinets full of facial care products. That is fine, of course, but often little attention is paid to the skin of your body. That's over now because we have 4 essential tips for body skin care right here.


The same cleansing attention as your face.

When you are in the shower you can cleanse both your face with Cleanser and your body with the Milky Bath & Shower oil. This delicious oil changes in combination with water into a soft rinseable emulsion so that your skin is well cleaned but does not experience the drying effects of your shower.

Tip 2

Don't forget your elbows

Our elbows are pretty much the driest parts of our body, they cry out for moisture but don't get it. So the next time you rub your body with a body butter, cream or oil, make sure you give the elbows some extra attention.

Hint 3

Treat your neck like your face

We certainly moisturize our face and know that the neck is part of our body, and yet we often forget to include this part in our grooming routine. From today you will also use your daycream on your neck.

Hint 4

Help your body glow from head to toe

Our feet are always neglected so how do you give them the attention they deserve?

Start by soaking your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. Use the Milky Bath oil to clean your feet.

Then exfoliate them with the Body polish, then rinse and treat them to an extra dose of moisture. We recommend massaging the Body oil over your entire feet. If you have very dry feet, you can also apply a little DNA cream before going to sleep, put on socks and let it work all night.

It's time to glow!

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