Your skin feels tight, itchy, feels rough and may even show cracks. Especially in the winter when it is bleak and cold outside and the heating is on inside. They are typical features of dry skin. Such dry skin can occur on your face, but certainly also on your legs and arms.

Cold weather is one of the culprits, but hot showers also have an impact on the skin.

Here are tips to get rid of your dry skin.

  • Cleanse your skin gently and do not use drying cleaning products. No soap in the shower, but for example a shower oil and for your face a cleansing milk containing vegetable oils or a rich cleansing balm. We wrote about it in this blog.

  • Lubricate your skin daily with a cream that is suitable for dry skin. Preferably a product without perfume because if your skin is very dry, it also becomes more sensitive and can react faster to all kinds of (unnecessary) additives in your cream.

  • When it is freezing or when you go on winter sports, it is important that you use a cream based on a W/O emulsion. This means that in the structure water is on the inside and oil (fatty substances) on the outside of the structure. Such a W/O cream also feels very comfortable with very dry skin. We call the reverse an O/W emulsion, such an emulsion has water on the outside so that it can freeze faster on your skin at very low temperatures. Of course you don't want that!

  • Nutrition of your skin from the inside is also essential with dry skin. So make sure you get enough good fats through, for example, walnuts and oily fish. A support with a special supplement is also recommended.
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