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Personal beauty

We are going to publish a series of blogs based on questions we get from you. The first question is from Marloes V. from Den Bosch, namely 'how personal is this DNA concept'?

Mardge Pascaud: “Just a brief outline of Pascaud's background. The brand is based on the beauty triangle, which means that inside beauty, outside beauty and zen beauty are in balance with each other. In other words: take good care of yourself on the inside with, among other things, nutritional supplements, undergo treatments on a very regular basis and take your recommended daily beauty ritual seriously at home. Feeling good in your own skin completes the triangle. We all want to shine, don't we? For me this is the basis, Pascaud's philosophy. Over the years I worked out the 'personal' more and more. For me it remains challenging to keep innovating and to bring out the natural beauty of someone with techniques, products and methods instead of creating something that was never there and is sometimes temporary. With a personalized skin advice, you lay the foundation for achieving your most beautiful skin. And what could be more personal than skin advice based on your DNA? Together with Maastricht University I developed the beauty DNA concept and that resulted in My Skincaud. It all starts with a DNA test that gives you information about the predisposition of your skin characteristics and how you reduce existing skin aging and minimize future skin aging. The test indicates your personal skin code. In total there are 720 codes, and you will receive a unique beauty code that gives you a glimpse into your beauty future. The 'predisposition' points in the field of skin aging are in view and if you then focus on tackling the cause of skin aging, you prevent AND reduce its manifestation. Yes, so you postpone skin aging, as it were. Who doesn't want that? Just before the routing: the DNA test is available at salons and online. Remove cheek mucus, send it to us – everything will be self-explanatory – and receive your unique DNA code via a special app. The next step is to use specially developed serums that are precisely tailored to your skin needs. It couldn't be more personal!”

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