BLOG: What do serums and ampoules do for my skin

Does your skin need more vitality, resistance and shine? Then use a concentrated care product with specific and powerful active ingredients. Often a serum or an ampoule with a special property to moisturize or nourish the skin is the appropriate product.


Serums and ampoules are often the showpiece of skin care. All unnecessary substances are removed, leaving only the very valuable and active ingredients. They are used as an alternative or in addition to creams. Serums do not contain sealing or airtight moisturizing ingredients such as petroleum jelly or mineral oil that keep the moisture in the skin from evaporating. They also contain less lubricants and thickeners.

A serum is often in a bottle with a pipette or in a dispenser. An ampoule comes in a small glass bottle with almost only active ingredients. You break the bottle open and the active ingredients are for single use.


#1 Is more concentrated and therefore a bit more expensive

A serum is a liquid and in terms of ingredients it is a lot more concentrated than a cream. The concentrated drops are super efficient. The active ingredients consist of small molecules that work deeper into the skin. An ampoule comes in a small glass bottle with active ingredients for single use. These active ingredients are also very efficient because they are highly dosed and penetrate deeply into the skin. A serum/ampoule is more expensive than the average product, due to the composition of active ingredients.

#2 Is economical to use

Because a serum is so concentrated, you need very little product at a time. This makes a serum economical in use.

#3 Gives quick results

They give quick results. A serum or an ampoule will have a specific purpose and result. For example, to reduce wrinkles, to strengthen and lift the skin, to hydrate the skin or sometimes to rid the skin of aging cells. After a week your skin will already improve and after a month you will see a significant difference. This is due to the active substances, the higher the dose, the more effective the product.

#4 Apply it on a clean face

It is really very important that you always apply a serum/ampoule on a clean face. Clean your face well so that the serum/ampoule can penetrate well into the skin.

#5 Apply before your day or night cream

Many people doubt whether to apply their cream or the serum first. You start with the serum, use about 3-4 drops, massage it over your face, neck and décolleté. Leave the skin around the eyes free. The serum will be quickly absorbed, after which you can apply day or night cream. Just like a serum, you apply an ampoule to a clean face. Break open the ampoule with your thumb and a tissue on the white dot, tap the contents in your palm and spread it over the face, neck, décolleté and massage in. Use up the entire ampoule in one go.

#6 Apply morning and/or evening

Every serum is different and therefore it is good to know whether your serum is suitable for day, night or both. A fatter serum is suitable for at night, otherwise you will walk around with a shiny face all day. Some serums can be used at both times. You use an ampoule in the evening. You don't have to apply a night cream, but you can.


Don't wait until you notice that your skin is visibly tired, sagging or aging. It is best to use a serum all year round. It gives your skin that extra something and the regularity in your personal care plan gives results. An ampoule cure is best to use 4 times a year, when the seasons change or when you are having a party. Pascaud has many beautiful serums and ampoules in its range. Below we briefly explain some of them.

Pascaud 24 Ampoules cure:

A cure composed of three types of ampoules, always with a high concentration of active ingredients, in one package:

Ampoules with Retinol (Vitamin A) to stimulate the production of new cells and even out the skin structure. Important for mature skin.

Ampoules with AHA (fruit acids) to gently but thoroughly remove waste as well as old, dry and flaky skin cells.

Ampoules with DNA (oligopeptides) to soften, nourish, repair and re-energize the skin. Important for dry and easily tired skin.

Precisely because this combination of ampoules is in fact a 'system' that reaches all layers of the skin within 24 days, this ampoule treatment is the best treatment for your skin. So use the cure at the change of the seasons, if you want to give your skin something extra or for a party.

Pascaud Serum Code H:

This concentrated and intensive moisturizing serum, with hyaluronic acid, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It gives a silk effect to the skin. The skin

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