BLOG: You can read the future of your skin from a DNA test

A magic crystal ball. A look at the future. Who isn't curious about it? How do we live then, how does our daily life go and above all: what will we look like in about 20 years?
There are great apps that change our current image into an old granny or grandpa. Never seen anyone cheering. Growing old nicely (and above all healthy), that's everyone's wish, isn't it? It is somehow confronting to know that wrinkles, pigment spots and sagging skin are the future. What can we do about this?

The world of science – also in the beauty industry – is making great strides. It has been a fact for years that you can map out your future skin problems by means of DNA research. Does this sound like science fiction? Not really. It all starts with a DNA test. These have become quite popular in recent years because, for example, tests have also been launched to find out where your ancestors came from based on your DNA. The process is simple; at home with a kind of cotton swab taking cheek mucus – you know it from police series – send it to the lab and then you get the results. DNA testing is also becoming more and more common in the beauty world. Also a cotton swab, and also a result, but what kind of information do you get?

Very briefly: the results indicate to which future skin aging you are sensitive. How personal is that? And what an advantage, because you only have to do such a DNA test once, because your DNA is unique and never changes. Mardge Pascaud, founder of Pascaud, developed My Skincaud. This DNA concept links a personalized beauty advice to the results. The test detects whether you have a predisposition to wrinkles, redness and much more. How great is it that you can set up a targeted beauty ritual with this knowledge? We take you into the world of My Skincaud and tell you how this whole process works in a series of blogs. Still a bit of a crystal ball

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